Our Mission

Convoy Systems, LLC recognizes its responsibilities to each of its constituents and we make this pledge as a statement of our values and purpose in the conduct of our business.

Convoy Systems, LLC is in the business to provide safe, dependable transportation services, and to perform these services efficiently. The safety standards of this company will not be compromised, subordinated, or diminished by any other goal or challenge.

Convoy Systems, LLC will be a place where associates are encouraged and rewarded as they expand their knowledge and fulfill their individual potentials. We invite our associates to enjoy a sense of individuality with accompanying freedom of expression. Our highest aim is to be considered an enviable workplace by each of our associates.

Convoy Systems, LLC will conduct its affairs in a socially responsible, lawful manner while striving to maintain aggressive, ambitious goals commensurate with its position of leadership in the transportation industry. Ethical practice and compassion for the needs of those around us will always be reflected in our decisions.



Welcome to Convoy Systems, LLC.

Convoy Systems, LLC is a Kansas based common carrier of general commodities. Since its Incorporation in 1983, Convoy has grown to a current fleet size of 100 trucks with 130 full time drivers. Convoy Systems specializes in truckload freight movements between points in the Midwest to points in California and points in the Midwest to points in Florida. Because of our location and the location of our customer base, we are able to provide drivers with home time every week.

Contact Information

Convoy Systems LLC
333 North James Street
Kansas City, KS 66118

Phone: 1-800-926-6869

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